Welcome to Talking Journeys Counselling

Joy Perry. Accredited counsellor, Basingstoke

Welcome to Talking Journeys. My name is Joy Perry; I’m a therapeutic counsellor, working in Basingstoke, Hants. I’m experienced in counselling adults,  young people and children with a range of challenges, including: 

• anxiety • panic • relationship issues • depression • SAD • post-natal depression • phobias • family issues • affairs & betrayals • separation & divorce • anger • abuse • stress • bereavement • low self-esteem • loneliness • poor health & disability • caring responsibilities • difficult changes in life • work problems  • attachment issues • domestic violence •  adoption issues

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Online Counselling over Zoom

“I’ve been having therapy over Zoom for a month and it’s completely changed my perspective”

This article gives a flavour of how counselling remotely might work for you and those you care about.

Since the Covid-19 crisis started, I’ve been trained in ways of providing online counselling to maintain social distancing. As a result, I have developed a way of delivering therapy to adults, young people and children using video conferencing, such as Zoom. 

I have found that I can still provide effective opportunities for talking therapies and creative approaches to counselling.

Being cooped-up together can lead to an intensifying of difficulties in family life, so Im pleased that I can also continue to offer support for family issues, for instance, providing space for exploring and strengthening the parent-child bond. 

Please contact me for support.

Online Counselling Available During Coronavirus Crisis

Online Counselling, Joy Perry, Talking Journeys

To support you throughout this crisis, I continue to offer effective, online counselling by video conferencing or telephone. I normally use Zoom but  Skype, FaceTime or other tools can be used if you prefer.

The current coronavirus pandemic is causing considerable disruption to our lives and relationships. Understandably, it is quite alarming and most of us are feeling the strain in one way or another. For those with longstanding issues, for example depression and anxiety, it poses an even greater difficulty.

Please contact me to arrange a free initial consultation for online therapy.

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Police Mental Health Support

police mindfulness mental health
This is a very welcome development for our overstretched and overstressed police officers. Click the image to read the Guardian article.

Mindfulness is a very popular practise for mental health and wellbeing. While some people might be suspicious of its roots in organised religion, it actually has a very strong, clinical evidence-base. A great place to start is the Headspace app or website which teaches you the basics for free.

Mindfulness is excellent for maintaining wellbeing but counselling is sometimes required to achieve a reasonable level of wellbeing in the first place. I am a counsellor approved by the Police Firearms Officers Association and have supported some officers sponsored through their welfare programme. I also live and work less than a mile from Hampshire Constabulary’s Basingstoke Police Investigation Centre. 

If you are in any of the uniformed public services and need support, not just about your duties but domestically as well, please call Joy for a free, initial appointment.


Stress affects our physical bodies

Stress affects our physical bodies

Stress affects our physical bodies, though most of us don’t realise just how much. I came across this excellent article examining this link and explaining it in everyday language. What is your body trying to tell you? Counselling is a great way of exploring life and relationships so that you can reduce the stress in your life. Contact Joy for a free initial consultation.

Take Care of Yourself this September

Take Care. Action for Happiness - Self-Care September

This calendar is a lovely idea from Action for Happiness. Download it, print it out and take care of yourself this September.

Treat yourself as you’d treat a good friend (Kristin Neff)

Action for Happiness publishes mindfulness-based calendars each month on different themes. It doesn’t really matter about using the correct month, you could just choose a theme and follow it in whatever month you are in.

Have your say on children and young people’s mental health

The Government has just published a Green paper on children and young people’s mental health. Green Papers are consultation documents produced by the Government. Their aim is to allow people to give feedback on Government policy. In this case, members of the public can have their say until 2nd March 2018.

It contains some helpful recommendations which will raise awareness of children’s mental health issues within schools. However, there are some disappointing aspects. For example, the four-week waiting target to access mental health provision is to be welcomed but it is limited to pilot areas.

Crucially, the paper does not include universal access to counselling services within every school. This is despite the fact that it is one of the Government’s own recommendations in its advice paper “Counselling in schools: a blueprint for the future“. Wales and Northern Ireland currently provide this within their own frameworks.

Only 61% of schools and colleges provide essential counselling support. For more information, take a look at the BACP’s critique and response to the green paper.

Please take part in this consultation to have your concerns heard. Urge the Government towards comprehensive provision for all our children and young people. Please act before March 2nd 2018.

Video Interaction Guidance – New Service

father daughter video interaction guidance vig

Are you looking for some support specifically for the relationship between you and your child? Do you feel that your child is struggling and you would like to be able to support them better?

I am training in Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) and am now at level 2 of 3. I’ve found VIG to be a really helpful new method that has transformed parent-child relationships for a number of clients recently.  Read my VIG page for more information on the method and about special introductory rates.