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straightening out twists and turns through counsellingOur journeys through life as adults, young or mature, can sometimes be difficult and lonely. At times, we may discover we are going round in circles. Sometimes we get lost in the midst of challenging situations, such as fraught relationships. Childhood experiences may continue to affect us in our adult lives, so we may need to retrace our steps through counselling. This usually involves going over old ground, to unravel the twists and turns, to find a way forward.

Fears for the path ahead can stifle our ability to make decisions and adapt. To find a way of living more fully, we need to become more fully aware of where we are and who we are. We also need to understand how we experience our world as adults.

a helping hand in counselling

Talking Journeys is an opportunity to walk together, talk together and explore together in a secure environment. Everything discussed in the counselling room remains confidential apart from taking appropriate action when serious harm is identified or when there are particular legal requirements. My foundational training in adult counselling has equipped me with a variety of ‘talking’ therapies, hence “Talking Journeys”. I very much tailor my approach to suit you.

What often helps most is the warm and accepting presence I offer, as someone who is alongside you in your difficulties and searching. Through the counselling process, I can reflect with you on what matters most to you. I can help you make sense of your experiences, past and present, and explore ways of coping with the future.


Deloittes has estimated that mental ill-health costs employers an average of £1,300 per employee, ill or not. Supporting workplace mental health with counselling can improve efficiency, well-being and staff retention within the workplace; be it business, health, public services or the education sector. I am able to come alongside managers and employees who would appreciate time and space to explore the issues and stress-related symptoms that affect them and their work. This could be using conventional talking therapies or Video Interaction Guidance (VIG). Read more on my VIG page.