Video Interaction Guidance

What is VIG?

Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) is a great way to improve relationships. I’ve found it to be extraordinarily effective in even the most strained of parent/child relationships. Watch the video below for a very helpful explanation of how it works:

Video used with the kind permission of Kent Psychological Services.

You may read even more about VIG at the website of the Association of Video Interaction Guidance UK.

Fees – Special Offer

I’m in the final stages of accreditation in VIG and I’m offering it privately. However, because I am not quite yet fully qualified,  I offer VIG at a reduced rate of £250 per cycle. A typical rate for a fully qualified practitioner is £330 or more per cycle. Please note that a full course of VIG usually consists of three or four cycles, over several months, to be effective. That is to say that a full course normally costs £750 -£1,000 at the reduced rate.  However, your commitment is to one cycle at a time. If you feel that VIG is not for you, you may stop at the end of any cycle.