Young People’s Counselling

Young person with problems.If you are a young person struggling with worries, or feeling low, you can find what you need to move forward and get on with your life. If you have lost someone dear to you, I can listen and support you in your pain. If you are dealing with difficult relationships, you can find a place to talk without embarrassment. Having a look at what’s going on in your life can help you make choices that will work better for you. I will do my best to listen, understand, and take you seriously, without judging. I will respect your need for privacy and confidentiality.

I’m experienced at counselling young people for support with a range of issues. The wide range of talking and creative approaches that I offer means we can usually find a way to connect and help you deal with whatever changes and challenges you are up against.

Apart from my general counselling qualifications, I have a Diploma in Child Counselling and a Certificate in Using Counselling Skills with Children using the Arts, both from the Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education, and both of which include working with adolescents.