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Adoption and Fostering Support

This article highlights a few of the issues that face some families with adopted and looked after children. Parenting is rarely straightforward. If you are adopting or fostering, you may face additional challenges and appreciate some space and personalised support.

With my experience, training and expert supervision I work with Hampshire County Council, as well as other councils around the country, to support those who are adopting and fostering. I also provide creative and talking therapies for the children and young people they look after.  If you are an adult who has been adopted or spent time in care as a child, you may also welcome the opportunity to explore related issues and make sense of your experiences.

Contact me and take an important step in moving your life forward.

Children deserve life to be happy

This clip of a mother’s view is excruciatingly painful to hear and filled with beauty and hope. Caring for a child with mental health issues can be all of these  things. My role doesn’t involve working directly with people living with eating disorders due to the need for a multidisciplinary approach to treatment. I do, however, offer support to parents and carers. Exploring the journey, your feelings and the frustrations on the way, can be a lifeline and benefit the parent-child relationship at a crucial time.

Contact Joy now so that she can draw alongside you and your child on this journey.

All in the Mind Festival, Basingstoke

All in the Mind Festival, BasingstokeThe Fluid Motion Theatre Company in Basingstoke is using youth theatre, drama and education to create opportunities for community cohesion.

Source: Fluid Motion Theatre

Here in Basingstoke this month, arts are being used to explore topics such as “What is it like to have mental health problems?” This may be an opportunity to explore what it means to you, and have your experience and perceptions validated or challenged.

NHS psychiatric services model vs Prince Harry’s views on mental ill-health

Source: Prince Harry shows how NHS psychiatric services could move on | Letters | Society | The Guardian

I imagine that everyone has heard about the recent revelations of Prince Harry’s struggles with bereavement following his mother’s death. Bereavement in childhood is complicated. Prince Harry’s trauma has also been exacerbated by intrusive media scrutiny and expectations. There are so many factors that impact our lives and experiences.
I found the letters in the article to be really helpful at raising the wider issues, including funding, culture,  stigma, politics and pharmaceutical industry self-interests. Perhaps you will too.
If you or your child have been affected by a similar situation and you need someone to talk to, then please contact me .