‘Tis the Season to be Stressful

unhappy man stressed“‘Tis the season to be jolly!”, yet Christmas is often the most stressful and fraught time of the year. Consumerist society sets very high expectations of the ‘perfect Christmas’, with thrilling gifts, unforgettable meals and enjoyable loving family times. However, even if we achieve it, it so often leaves us dissatisfied, disappointed and disillusioned with the materialist fantasy.


“it is not love that is all around us, but stuff to buy” (Vicky Grinnell-Wright)

unhappy woman stressedAt worst we can end up in a tangled nightmare of conflict with our partners and families, causing intense stress which might lead to the divorce courts. Relationships struggle beneath the burden of such unrealistic expectations as we strive to create the “chocolate box” image of family Christmases. Finances may be stretched thin, as we try to give everyone the gifts and Christmas they want, leading to a looming sense of dread in the New Year as we attempt to balance budgets.

sad childYou may be concerned about the impact of stresses and strains on the younger members of your family, and rightly so. Children and young people are very vulnerable to grief, conflict and friction within the family, even though they may appear to be coping well. They might appreciate somewhere outside of the family where they can talk freely, easing the pressure on them, without having to worry about family sensitivities.

Perhaps, you have lost someone dear to you, maybe during this last year, and Christmas is now a painful reminder of the gaping hole that is left in your family. How can you celebrate when life is now so bleak and grey without them? Maybe your relationship or marriage has broken up, leaving you bewildered and alone, when everyone else seems to be having such a good time.

relaxed womanWhatever your experience of Christmas this year, this could be the time to take a long hard look at how things are working out for you in your life. The chance to explore what is most important to you and find ways to cope with your unique pressures could be the very best gift you could give to yourself and your loved ones this Christmas and New Year.

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