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Have your say on children and young people’s mental health

The Government has just published a Green paper on children and young people’s mental health. Green Papers are consultation documents produced by the Government. Their aim is to allow people to give feedback on Government policy. In this case, members of the public can have their say until 2nd March 2018.

It contains some helpful recommendations which will raise awareness of children’s mental health issues within schools. However, there are some disappointing aspects. For example, the four-week waiting target to access mental health provision is to be welcomed but it is limited to pilot areas.

Crucially, the paper does not include universal access to counselling services within every school. This is despite the fact that it is one of the Government’s own recommendations in its advice paper “Counselling in schools: a blueprint for the future“. Wales and Northern Ireland currently provide this within their own frameworks.

Only 61% of schools and colleges provide essential counselling support. For more information, take a look at the BACP’s critique and response to the green paper.

Please take part in this consultation to have your concerns heard. Urge the Government towards comprehensive provision for all our children and young people. Please act before March 2nd 2018.

Video Interaction Guidance – New Service

father daughter video interaction guidance vig

Are you looking for some support specifically for the relationship between you and your child? Do you feel that your child is struggling and you would like to be able to support them better?

I am training in Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) and am now at level 2 of 3. I’ve found VIG to be a really helpful new method that has transformed parent-child relationships for a number of clients recently.  Read my VIG page for more information on the method and about special introductory rates.

All in the Mind Festival, Basingstoke

All in the Mind Festival, BasingstokeThe Fluid Motion Theatre Company in Basingstoke is using youth theatre, drama and education to create opportunities for community cohesion.

Source: Fluid Motion Theatre

Here in Basingstoke this month, arts are being used to explore topics such as “What is it like to have mental health problems?” This may be an opportunity to explore what it means to you, and have your experience and perceptions validated or challenged.

NHS psychiatric services model vs Prince Harry’s views on mental ill-health

Source: Prince Harry shows how NHS psychiatric services could move on | Letters | Society | The Guardian

I imagine that everyone has heard about the recent revelations of Prince Harry’s struggles with bereavement following his mother’s death. Bereavement in childhood is complicated. Prince Harry’s trauma has also been exacerbated by intrusive media scrutiny and expectations. There are so many factors that impact our lives and experiences.
I found the letters in the article to be really helpful at raising the wider issues, including funding, culture,  stigma, politics and pharmaceutical industry self-interests. Perhaps you will too.
If you or your child have been affected by a similar situation and you need someone to talk to, then please contact me .

Act on children’s mental ill health or risk national crisis, warns expert | Society | The Guardian

Children’s and Young People’s Mental Health Coalition urges baby boomers to address needs of younger generation

Source: Act on children’s mental ill health or risk national crisis, warns expert | Society | The Guardian

Joy says, “There’s clearly a crisis in our country and something is going very badly wrong, especially for young people’s mental health. I wonder how we as a nation can start making changes to our fundamental view on life as well as our expectations of young people? The difficulties we face as a nation through community and family breakdown and ill-considered use of technology are things that trouble me deeply, particularly seeing their impact as I do.”

Domestic Abuse Storyline in the Archers

Rob & Helen from the Archers - domestic abuse

The Archers: What effect has the Rob and Helen domestic abuse story had?

Source: BBC The Archers: What effect has the Rob and Helen story had?

This Archer’s story has been timed and sensitively crafted to fit in with new legislation on controlling or coercive behaviour which came into effect in December 2015. Many news organisations have been reporting on the story’s significance, particularly recently when it reached a climax as desperate Helen sought to escape from her abusive husband Rob.

The powerful dynamics of relationships like these are often secret. Stigma, shame, fear and loyalty hold people like Helen in a powerful vice. And it’s not just women and it’s not just heterosexual relationships.

If all this feels painfully familiar ask yourself: “Who am I in this scenario? The victim, the perpetrator, the child of an abusive relationship, the friend or relative of someone struggling?” Sometimes we even have more than one role. As sufferers of abuse, we can then go onto abuse others.

With courage, your second question could be: “How am I going to break this vicious cycle?”
See the support agencies listed in the BBC article and contact Joy to get support with making sense of what is happening in your life and how you can find a way to safe and healthy relationships.