Depression: Nobody understands, nobody can help

If you or a loved one are feeling isolated, misunderstood and guilty at your inability to find any hope or pick yourself up, you may find some comfort from Tayana Simons’ recent Huffington Post blog “11 Truths Sufferers of Depression Will Understand (and Others Should Too)“. Her list of truths brings a feeling of shared experience, even in the isolation that is common to depression. She also sheds some light on how depression can deepen: when we fall into a “self-destruct mode, depriving ourselves of the help that we need, giving up on our commitments, and refusing to show any kindness to ourselves” (Truth 8).

a helping hand in counselling

Looking back on her time of depression she wisely links this particular truth with the hope that reaching out for help, however difficult, is the very thing that can make all the difference.

Take hope and reach out now…